Transfer Pricing for Hyperion Software

Transfer Pricing for Hyperion (TPH) fully integrates with Oracle® Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) and builds upon it by using the same data and automating transfer pricing calculation process.

Transfer Pricing for Hyperion (TPH) is an innovating Transfer Pricing software that forms the foundation of an effective transfer pricing calculation strategy. It allows the definition of the transfer pricing rules, their deployment among related companies, execution of financial formulas, and automation of all transfer pricing calculation processes. The system generates end-to-end execution reporting meeting even the most stringent regulatory requirements.


Main features include:

  • A GRAPHICAL TAX CALCULATOR to easily build and test any transfer pricing calculation formulas or methods, using transfer pricing & financial data.
  • TRANSFER PRICING RULE EDITOR to define, argument and classify all transfer pricing compliance aspects.
  • PROCESS AUTOMATION FACILITY to automate all operational transfer pricing activities, including data load, monitoring, calculations, simulations, year-end adjustments.
  • AUDIT TRAIL for all activity in the system, giving auditors a complete trace of data calculations & transformations.
  • HFM TRANSFER PRICING APPLICATION with all required Tax & Finance data in the same repository